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Greetings Everyone!!  Welcome Back and Happy Wednesday.  This week, my blog post has taken a different approach than my usual visit down our journey of “The Art in Me”, an exploration into the many avenues of the visual and performing arts.  This week, I want to preset to my visitors, my thoughts, reviews and comments in regards to a very interesting read titled, “Don’t Make Me Think, A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.”

To begin with, this read overall increased my awareness on many components of web usability that I had not previously acknowledged or even though about before and highlighted many key points to help us all, as movers and shakers of the technological age, get better acquainted with navigating the web.  While reading this book, one of the first phrases that captivated my attention was the subtitle “It’s not rocket surgery.”  I have always heard of the phrase “It’s not rocket science” but never the phrase used to start the book off.  After internalizing the message attempting to be conveyed, I thought that phrase was indeed appropriate because the author of the text wants readers to be informed that starting and maintaining a website is not the most difficult task to complete.  The author established a tone of empowerment and independence in the reader but providing readers with the necessary tools, information and resources needed to start an effective website.  Although I am a Telecommunications-News major, I have always possessed an interest in learning how to communicate through media online whether through blogging or website maintenance, especially because the broadcast and communications field is increasing its function in an online domain.

After reading the first few pages of the text, I am a firm supporter of the one of the most important necessities I believe is required to produce a good website: willpower and self-motivation.  Although this may appear to be basic and serve as a traditional answer, that is the feeling I gather from the author’s first few explanations of producing a great website.  The author clearly mentioned that readers and perhaps first time users don’t need to know everything because the text provides much room for growth, experiences and development.  Also, I agree with the author when he remarked that every page designed to by individuals should be self evident enough for visitors to understand the content of one’s page and be able to navigate it easily.  In terms of making pages efficient I also agree because as a society constantly ad consistently on a fast-paced track, we tend to scan pages without incorporating deep thought, thus everything should be easy to read and follow.

Moreover, as someone interested in becoming more aware of how to produce my very own website, the illustrations really helped me grasp the overall understanding of the read.  For example, designers may build a website that is so intricate and requires many different codes, inputs, etc but it has to be accessible and easy enough for viewers to understand and follow.  Overall, the power to run and produce a website comes from within and should be exhibited by our desire to grow and learn.

Hello again everyone!!

Returning to our exploration of the themed art gallery, [IN]DISPENSABLE ACCESS, our focus here highlights the bottom half of the artistic structure “City Under.”  The bottom half, regarded as the “Under” represents the darker opposite of the city life.  This strucure, which consists of steel and  dark-colored paint appears to be not so enticing, welcoming and very mysterious.  In fact, if this struture were transformed into the appearance of an actual city or community, I would NOT choose to explore it.  The city looks as if it is sinking or melting into the grounds.  Perhaps the steel was utilized as a main foundati0n for this particular structure because of its endurance and its immense strength that cannot be easily bended or broken.  The colors and rough textures of this structure present the “Under” component of the as unattractive and uninviting.

Greetings again everyone!!

As we continue down our artistic journey of discovering “The ART in You” exploring the many possbibilities of the visual and performing arts, I bring to you all another creative art piece seletcted from the Reitz Union Gallery.  As mentioned in my previous post, the theme for the art gallery is acknowledged as [IN]DISPENSABLE ACCESS, as inspired and spearheaded by two University of Florida undergraduates.  Because I was so captivated by the artwork presented last week in this gallery, I really wanted to highlight a different piece of art on display.  This innovative work of art is regarded as “City Under.”  This three-dimensional artwork is similar to the bright, pastel-colored drawing I highlighted last week, but now the object is presented in a different form and style and offers a different message and symbolism.  The top half of this artistic structure represents the”city” and appears to be a bit more warm, soft and defined.  The painted wood representing the city, is presented in different shades of brown and black.  From my perspective, these choices in colors and arrangement show how closely organized and staggered the city life is.  Perhaps, the staggering of these buildings represent the staggering of people’s lives that reside here?  Stay Tuned!!Steel, Wood, Plaster, Paint

Greetings everyone!!

I hope you all are ready to embark on stop 2 of our artistic adventure to Destination “The Art in You.”  Returning to the art gallery located in the Reitz Union on the second floor, this next artistic piece is reflective of the creativity and immense talent of another UF student.  Unlike the first piece of artwork, which presented a mixture of bright and dim colors, this art piece is different.  While the sculpture is simple in color, it is extravagant and innovative in materials used and overall appearance.  The piece titled, “Figure 2” is a combination of various materials such as rubber, rocks and mainly plastic bags.  Yessss, I said it, a life-size sculptured created almost completely from the unique arrangement and use of plastic bags.  My first thought after observing this piece was “Wow, grocery shopping has been elevated to a whole different level.”  What was also very interesting about this piece was a poem that begun with the words “Do I dream” that accompanied it by hanging on the wall.  I was not sure what to make out of the sculpture because it seemed to have no identity, but after reading the poem, it appeared to be a parental figure protecting a young child with a lost identity.

Plastic Bag Art Creation

Oil on Canvas

Greetings everyone!!!

I hope you all are ready to embark on an adventourous journey of aesthetic beauty, enticement and vivid appeal in the form of all sorts of visual and performing arts.  Our first stop on the way to destination “The Art in You” introduces us to the collective talents and artistic skills of various University of Students through paintings, scultpures, photographs and additional artwork pieces of that nature.  The theme for this art gallery, located in the Reitz Union on the second floor, is “(In)dispensable Excess” as presented by two University of Florida students.  One particular piece of art that captivated my attention was a large oil and pastel colored oil painting that was posted on the wall.  The title of this art piece called “The Above and Below” was created by Michael Bauman and illustrates oil on a canvas.  The mixture between the bright, warm colors and the dark, gloomy colors is what first captured my attention towards this painting.  I really liked how the student worked to combine two different meanings, modes, attitudes, expressions, settings, etc into one unified art piece.  From my perspective, the above is very warm, genuine, gentle and inviting because of its array of tropical colors, whereas the below serves more as a mystery and a depiction of darker and perhaps colder colors.

Hello world!

Hello World!! I am so excited to begin  this blog because I want to share a side of me and a passion of mines with others who visit my blog.  Because of my passion for the visual and performing arts, I decided to showcase different areas of the arts to all of you.  The art can range from paintings, to sculptures, to poems, to whatever your mind can imagine. So sit back and enjoy!!

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