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Wowwwwww!  I cannot believe we have all come this far.  This particular blog entry symbolizes everything I have learned and experienced as a student enrolled in Advanced Interactive Media, facilitated by Theresa Collington.  When I first initiated this blog, I wanted to share my passion and avid interest through various aspects of the visual and performing arts.  As a graduating senior pursuing a degree in Telecommunications-News and an outside concentration in Theatre Performance, I possessed so much skill and experience with dramatic performance, writing and theatrical creativity.  As a result, I wanted to use my collective talents and artistic innovation to showcase to readers galore.  In fact, I introduced viewers to various aspects of the visual and performing arts that comprised by identity as a dedicated contributor to the arts such as the art of poetry, oil and pastel paintings from the University of Florida museum, liturgical dance, dance and videography.  Although I was presented with an opportunity and expressive outlet to illustrate my personal topic for this blog, I was definitely enlightened on the importance of blogging and becoming familiar with writing for the media online through the Center for Media Innovation and Research.

Moreover, I also want to share a little about myself with you all and how the Center for Media Innovation and Research has impacted me.  Check it out folks!!

As a student enrolled in a course belonging to the Center for Media Innovation and Research, I have been able to work with other students in developing ideas, concepts and vivid components for my blog that would enable me to appear as a more enticing candidate in the professional realm.  Acknowledged as the “21st Century News Lab”, the Center for Media Innovation and Research has introduced a new way of quick, consistent and colorful writing.  Because of the fast-paced technological society we live in today, specifically focusing on news, reporting of the news is quickly being transferred online through media because it is more convenient and quicker for viewers to access.  When I was first introduced to the College of Journalism and Communications, I worked with the stations of WRUF AM-850 News and Sports and the Television News station.  My experience within the traditional newsroom as shown below is quickly being replaced by stations similar to the objective of the Center for Media Innovation and Research.

Throughout this 21st century newsroom, I also had the chance to become educated through several books including “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell and “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug, which discussed some aspects of technology and how it impacts the society we live and work in, just to name one of the many common themes discovered.  Furthermore, I also learned other skills that I can apply beyond the limits of the class such as how to link a URL web address through a blog entry.

Overall, the Center for Media Innovation and Research provided me with both hands on experience and exposure into the field of online news media.  For all my news lovers, if there is one piece of advice I can through my experience in the 21st news century it would be to embrace and indulge in the online world because it will sure to dominate!!!  Even learning things such as making one’s professional appear online through a linked URL web address may be distinctive and accessible for some employers who are seeking tech savy folks!!!! Happy Trails and STAY TUNED 🙂

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