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Greetings and Helllooooooo Gator Fans!!

As a fourth-year telecommunications-news student at the University
of Florida with an outside concentration in theatre performance, I
have shared my avid passion, dedication and experience with the
performing arts through the words and creative, catchy phrases of my
blog posts.I love expressing myself through the metaphorical and
symbolic language of poetry, the unique editing of video productions,
but most importantly through the dramatic, emotional and uplifting
movements of theatre performance.  This week, however I want to
invite you into share and indulge in some other blog posts of my
fellow peers.  The topics of these blog posts explore different areas
so YOU should be able to find something to fits your liking :).
So, fasten your seatbelts!!  Get ready, get set and lets prepare to
take off into a world of true hip-hop and funky fresh beats.

The blog of Kendall McCrory is perhaps one of my favorites because 
her talent and skill with photography is very evident.  Kendall brings 
to life the many aspects of the UF campus through her bright
and elaborate photographs.  Click and Captured uses creative and 
distinctive photographs to tell the stories of fitness, food ways
to make fun and student life overall.

Check out the blog of Gabe Mandler if you are interested in
keeping up with the trends, popular dance moves and recent songs
embraced in the Hip Hip World.  Gabe's blog, Where True Hip Hop 
Exists, takes us into a world of famous rappers and their moments
of fames and experiences in the public eye.  The love for Hip Hop is
also explored as it relates to other industries as well and what a major
influence it has. In fact, for all you curious spectators interested
in learning how to do the dougie, lol, Gabe's blog includes
a great video of an NBA superstar expressing himself.  

Shelly's Weekly Spills,the blog of another dear classmate, 
Michelle McKenzie, explores many random subject topic areas.  More 
specifically, similar to my love and passion for various areas of 
the performing arts, Michelle's blog discusses plays, musicians, etc.  
One particular entry that many Trey Songz fans will find enticing 
highlights a college professor who gives a great impersonation of Trey 
Songz singing a number one
hit song.  Talk about funnyyyyy!!!! 

Last but not least, for all
you Gator Fans interested in keeping up with the latest news on
Gator sports and other athletic events, be sure to check out the
blog of Milani Beaudrault.  Milani's blogs contains great videos
and up-to-date highlights on Gator baseball, gymnastics and more.
Stay tuned folks for more great blogs!!!

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