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Greetings Orange and Blue, Gator Fans,

When I first introduced my blog to you all, I introduced my love, passion and dedication to the visual and performing arts.  This week, however, I wanted to introduce you all to the loves, interests and passions of my fellow classmates whose blogs explore a variety of subject areas.  First and foremost, as a college student it can be quite frustrating and expensive to maintain a consistent and healthy diet.  College students are very acquainted with late night eating habits such as ordering large pepperoni pizzas with 2 bottle of pepsi, chocolate bars and dougnuts whenever there is the urgency of cramming for a test.  As a college student myself, at times I just want to SCREAMMMMM!!  But, my fellow classmate Lee has shared some quick, inexpensive and tasty food options with viewers, especially living on a hectic and unpredictable schedule.  Lee’s Foods brings everyone tips, advice and alternatives to make simple and healthy foods in college. Lee highlights vivid pictures and helpful descriptions of cheap breakfast options such as strawberries and champagne, items that can be purchased from Publix.  Can you say Yum Yum?

Moreover, the blog of Lynne Guey explores the wonderful of technolgy and its relationship to the human species.   In this blog, Lynne hails the digital revolution!  Living in such a highly industrialized and fast-paced American economy, technology establishes such a foundation that keeps our society functioning on a daily basis.  Her blog takes a look into the uses of many different social networking sites, learning many capacities of the web and it promotes her dedication to enter the world of news correspondents.  So for all you aspiring news reporter, this may be your lucky blog!!  For a inside scoop on a very lively and spirited blog, I decided to promote that of Ashley ArnoldAshley’s blog highlights many areas of entertainment such as a meet and greet with famous poet Nikki Giovanni, who happens to be one of my favorites, and a J-Cole concert sponsored by Black Student Union during the Black History Month celebration.  Once again, I am so excited to share the amazing and creative works of my fellow classmates with you all 🙂

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