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A wise businesswoman, entrepreneur, successful entertainer, humanitarian of great deeds, philanthropist and a leading activist in our society once remarked “Each and every day, I build myself to not shrink to less, but to blossom into more; to be more splendid, to be more extraordinary.” As a young, Black woman striving to pursue a successful career and a happy and stable personal and family life, I use this quote as the basis of my life’s foundation to always work hard each and every day. I use this quote as a constant reminder that my ambitions, philanthropic goals, professional interests, etc are to inspiring to settle for mediocrity and as a result, I motivate myself to be the best individual I can be. Greetings! My name is Britney Martinez and I am a current fourth-year student pursuing my Bachelor’s of Science in Telecommunications-News and an outside concentration in Theatre Performance hailing from the sunny city of Miami, Florida. On campus, I am involved in many different student organizations serving the UF campus and greater Gainesville community in different roles such as the Vice-President of External Affairs for the Black Student Union, a Preview Orientation Staffer through New Student Programs, the chair of Arts and Letters for my sorority, etc.  If you would like to gain a deeper look into the bubbly Britney’s involvement, awards, work experience, etc feel free to visit my resume!!  My hobbies include reading, acting, writing poetry and video editing.  In fact, one of my favorite poets is Nikki Giovanni, a wonderful poet whose work I actually dedicated an earlier blog to.   Upon graduating from the University of Florida, I will serve as a Teach for America corp member in New Orleans, Louisiana helping to bridge the achieve gap between minority students living in low-income communities and their White counterparts. Following my commitment to this global mission to help end education inequity, I plan to pursue my Masters, perhaps in Higher Education. I also plan to start developing my very own production company called Golden Touch Productions and a performing arts company dedicated to providing awareness, experience and exposure of acting, videography, writing poetry, production, dancing, painting and other areas of the arts to students in low-income communities.  Because theatre is my most enjoyable and favorite expression of the performing arts, I want students to discover the art in themselves just like I discovered the art in me through much experience and opportunities.

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