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A Night in Harlem

Greeting everyone and HAPPY EARLY SPRING BREAK!!

Hope all is well with everyone both personally and professionally.  Before we enter into our week of spring break, which probably means amazing, luxuries vacations and much-needed sleep for many of us, I wanted to share with you an event  I attended this past week in honor of the University of Florida’s Black History Celebration Month.  This past Friday, I attended an event regarded as A Night in Harlem.  Everything from the actual hosts of the event to the performers to the vivid and imaginative decor were reflective of te genuine beauty, power and essence of the Harlem Renaissance.  The event was consisted of many transitions throughout a time in history where African-Americans used their collective talents, skills and creativity in drama, dance, painting, sculpting, writing poems and additional things of that nature to be evident of the rich and diverse nature of the Black culture.  In fact, the Harlem Renaissance also operated on a strong and richly rooted foundation of the Jazz language because each tune, each rhythm and each soulful and sultry beat spoken of the unique Black experience and illustrated the elegance of the strong people.  As an avid and loyal supporter and admirer of the Harlem Renaissance, the students of the UF campus really united to put on an array of such fantastic artistic performances.  For example, consisted of a group of four young women who all assumed the characters of female figures living during the Harlem Renaissance and spoke of their struggle and perseverance to the beat of soulful hymns.  Another act was that of the University Gospel Choir as these talented individuals presented two melodies that showed both a love and passion for strong faith and an artistic movement.  Overall, the evening came to life through the live painting sessions of actual Harlem Renaissance scenes, the lyrics of songs and the powerful lines presented from a scene of a popular African American play called Fences.

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