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Greetings Everyone hope all is well.  This week as we continue our journey down this path of exploring the possibilities of both the visual and performing arts, I want to share a personal experience I engaged in with my sorority sisters over the past weekend.  Every other week, my sorority sisters and I have a closed sisterhood social called “The Talents of my Sisters.”  The objection of these socials are to highlight one member of our organization and alllow her to share a special skill or talent she possess with everyone else such as knitting and sewing, creating pottery pieces, dancing, painting, kickboxing, makeup and additional things of that nature.  This past week was my opportuninity to share a talent of mine that I have always and will always be passionate about.  Furthermore, I decided to share the art of storytelling through creatives stanzas of poetry and spoken word with my sorority sisters.  I started the activity with an introducti0n of the significance of poetry to my lie and how it has served as a positive foundation for me to influence and inspire others and self reflect.  I instructed all my sisters to pull a slip from a brown paper bag that contained one word themes and phrases such as love, confidence, art, elegance, success, etc.  From that I provided each member with a fill in the blank poem in which they had to write in their own thoughts and feelings that also expressed the theme they selected.  Once this activity was completed, a played soft jazz music in the background and provided an opportunity for each member to read her poetic story.

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