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I decided to showcase this poem with you all because as a strong, independent African American young woman who has been through many trials and tribulations, this poem has served as a foundation for my life.  The above video presented  is a combination of powerful, vivid and symbolic images and strong, sophisticated and confident reading from a female figure has assumed the role of the Queen of the Nile.  I was first introduced to this poem back in high school when I used it as my spoken word talent for a high school pageant I served as a contestant in.  I wanted to perform  a piece that was so dramatic and divine that everyone’s imagination would be cultivated, everyone’s intellect would be challenged and everyone’s creativity further explored and developed.  During the actual pageant, I approached the audience and judges in an African, cultural oriented attire and took on all the feelings, emotions and gestures conveyed by the poet and executed it with passion and conviction.  This evening, I wanted to present the power this video has to offer because it is such an important piece of my identity that further demonstrates my love and dedication to the performing arts.  The video is very appealing because the images are uplifting, bright and vivid indicating the strength and pride the poet both embodied when she created this poem and the message delivered through the words.  The music that accompanies the reading of this poem creates an atmosphere of lively and enthusiastic spirits and a sense of cultural identification.  The music does indeed add to the relevance and power of the actual poem, from my perspective, because it served as one of many elements that united to propel a deeper understanding of artistic appreciation.

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