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The Art Gallery: Sculptured Dream

Greetings everyone!!

I hope you all are ready to embark on stop 2 of our artistic adventure to Destination “The Art in You.”  Returning to the art gallery located in the Reitz Union on the second floor, this next artistic piece is reflective of the creativity and immense talent of another UF student.  Unlike the first piece of artwork, which presented a mixture of bright and dim colors, this art piece is different.  While the sculpture is simple in color, it is extravagant and innovative in materials used and overall appearance.  The piece titled, “Figure 2” is a combination of various materials such as rubber, rocks and mainly plastic bags.  Yessss, I said it, a life-size sculptured created almost completely from the unique arrangement and use of plastic bags.  My first thought after observing this piece was “Wow, grocery shopping has been elevated to a whole different level.”  What was also very interesting about this piece was a poem that begun with the words “Do I dream” that accompanied it by hanging on the wall.  I was not sure what to make out of the sculpture because it seemed to have no identity, but after reading the poem, it appeared to be a parental figure protecting a young child with a lost identity.

Plastic Bag Art Creation

The Art Gallery: 2 Worlds, Many Colors

Oil on Canvas

Greetings everyone!!!

I hope you all are ready to embark on an adventourous journey of aesthetic beauty, enticement and vivid appeal in the form of all sorts of visual and performing arts.  Our first stop on the way to destination “The Art in You” introduces us to the collective talents and artistic skills of various University of Students through paintings, scultpures, photographs and additional artwork pieces of that nature.  The theme for this art gallery, located in the Reitz Union on the second floor, is “(In)dispensable Excess” as presented by two University of Florida students.  One particular piece of art that captivated my attention was a large oil and pastel colored oil painting that was posted on the wall.  The title of this art piece called “The Above and Below” was created by Michael Bauman and illustrates oil on a canvas.  The mixture between the bright, warm colors and the dark, gloomy colors is what first captured my attention towards this painting.  I really liked how the student worked to combine two different meanings, modes, attitudes, expressions, settings, etc into one unified art piece.  From my perspective, the above is very warm, genuine, gentle and inviting because of its array of tropical colors, whereas the below serves more as a mystery and a depiction of darker and perhaps colder colors.

Hello world!

Hello World!! I am so excited to begin  this blog because I want to share a side of me and a passion of mines with others who visit my blog.  Because of my passion for the visual and performing arts, I decided to showcase different areas of the arts to all of you.  The art can range from paintings, to sculptures, to poems, to whatever your mind can imagine. So sit back and enjoy!!

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