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Wowwwwww!  I cannot believe we have all come this far.  This particular blog entry symbolizes everything I have learned and experienced as a student enrolled in Advanced Interactive Media, facilitated by Theresa Collington.  When I first initiated this blog, I wanted to share my passion and avid interest through various aspects of the visual and performing arts.  As a graduating senior pursuing a degree in Telecommunications-News and an outside concentration in Theatre Performance, I possessed so much skill and experience with dramatic performance, writing and theatrical creativity.  As a result, I wanted to use my collective talents and artistic innovation to showcase to readers galore.  In fact, I introduced viewers to various aspects of the visual and performing arts that comprised by identity as a dedicated contributor to the arts such as the art of poetry, oil and pastel paintings from the University of Florida museum, liturgical dance, dance and videography.  Although I was presented with an opportunity and expressive outlet to illustrate my personal topic for this blog, I was definitely enlightened on the importance of blogging and becoming familiar with writing for the media online through the Center for Media Innovation and Research.

Moreover, I also want to share a little about myself with you all and how the Center for Media Innovation and Research has impacted me.  Check it out folks!!

As a student enrolled in a course belonging to the Center for Media Innovation and Research, I have been able to work with other students in developing ideas, concepts and vivid components for my blog that would enable me to appear as a more enticing candidate in the professional realm.  Acknowledged as the “21st Century News Lab”, the Center for Media Innovation and Research has introduced a new way of quick, consistent and colorful writing.  Because of the fast-paced technological society we live in today, specifically focusing on news, reporting of the news is quickly being transferred online through media because it is more convenient and quicker for viewers to access.  When I was first introduced to the College of Journalism and Communications, I worked with the stations of WRUF AM-850 News and Sports and the Television News station.  My experience within the traditional newsroom as shown below is quickly being replaced by stations similar to the objective of the Center for Media Innovation and Research.

Throughout this 21st century newsroom, I also had the chance to become educated through several books including “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell and “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug, which discussed some aspects of technology and how it impacts the society we live and work in, just to name one of the many common themes discovered.  Furthermore, I also learned other skills that I can apply beyond the limits of the class such as how to link a URL web address through a blog entry.

Overall, the Center for Media Innovation and Research provided me with both hands on experience and exposure into the field of online news media.  For all my news lovers, if there is one piece of advice I can through my experience in the 21st news century it would be to embrace and indulge in the online world because it will sure to dominate!!!  Even learning things such as making one’s professional appear online through a linked URL web address may be distinctive and accessible for some employers who are seeking tech savy folks!!!! Happy Trails and STAY TUNED 🙂

Greetings and much love to all my beautiful followers!!!  I know it’s been a while since I have embraced you all with the artistic journey “The Art in Me”, but I have another special treat for YOU!!!  This week, Britney’s Artistic Blog is inviting you into other passion of mine that constitutes the artistic makings of “ME.”  Although this week’s blog post focuses on a book review, it still reveals and shows my passion for articulately conveyong my true thoughts, emotions and opinions on a subject matter at hand.  This week, I have decided to share my personal comprehension and critique of the book “The Tipping Point” authored by Malcolm Gladwell.

Initially, I really wasn’t sure what type of feeling I was going to get from reading this book, especially because I held a different interpretation and perception of this book solely based on its title.  After diving into the significant content and context expressed throughout the book, I was challenged in many different capacities to apply the rules discussed to many social situations that take place in the real world.  To begin with, to help me understand the phenomenon of a tipping point, I decided to conduct some individual research.  A few words that particularly stood out to me after both reading The Tipping Point and researching suppplemental information were epidemic, social change and additional things of that nature.   The Tipping Point really emphasized key factors in our society, in which small varying factors contribute to a larger, broader picture and in turn make a huge difference. 

Chapter One of “The Tipping Point” was particularly interesting to me and established a basic foundation for which I was able to better understand the analysis and explanantion throughout the book because it introduced the three concepts of the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor and the Power of Context.  Each concept was broken down even further and elaborated upon with specific examples.  The bigger concept of the Tipping Point was effectively explained from the three different perspectives of the Centers for Disease Control, an expert on sexually transmitted disease from Johns Hopkins University named John Zenilman and one of the country’s leading epidemiologists named John Potterat.  For example, the illustration I found to be the most beneficial in helping me to visualize the movement of an epidemic was that of Kitty Genovese, a New York woman that was stabbed to death in front of 38 witnesses.  Because Kitty was murdered in front of so many other people, the notion of the “bystander problem” was analyzed by two New York pyschologists.  This highlighted the Power of Context notion in that people do indeed care about their environment and are a lot more sensitive than may seem.

Moreover, this book did a successful job in communcating to me as a reader how small factors can unite and cause an epidemic in society.  Another example that was portrayed was the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how the risky and overly sexual behaviors of a few people can result in a widespread and chaotic social and health-related epidemic.  Similar to placing a small number of certain people in a specified situation or climate such as Darnell “Boss Man” McGee which ultimately resulted in dozens of young women getting infected by the HIV virus, there are so many social plagues and issues in society that when placed in various atmospheres or affected by certain factors result in a social tipping point.  This book definitely encouraged me to seek out more knowledge about the stigmas that cauase our society’s tipping points and it did a successful job at applying the highlighted concepts to real world and applicable experiences and situations.

Greetings and Helllooooooo Gator Fans!!

As a fourth-year telecommunications-news student at the University
of Florida with an outside concentration in theatre performance, I
have shared my avid passion, dedication and experience with the
performing arts through the words and creative, catchy phrases of my
blog posts.I love expressing myself through the metaphorical and
symbolic language of poetry, the unique editing of video productions,
but most importantly through the dramatic, emotional and uplifting
movements of theatre performance.  This week, however I want to
invite you into share and indulge in some other blog posts of my
fellow peers.  The topics of these blog posts explore different areas
so YOU should be able to find something to fits your liking :).
So, fasten your seatbelts!!  Get ready, get set and lets prepare to
take off into a world of true hip-hop and funky fresh beats.

The blog of Kendall McCrory is perhaps one of my favorites because 
her talent and skill with photography is very evident.  Kendall brings 
to life the many aspects of the UF campus through her bright
and elaborate photographs.  Click and Captured uses creative and 
distinctive photographs to tell the stories of fitness, food ways
to make fun and student life overall.

Check out the blog of Gabe Mandler if you are interested in
keeping up with the trends, popular dance moves and recent songs
embraced in the Hip Hip World.  Gabe's blog, Where True Hip Hop 
Exists, takes us into a world of famous rappers and their moments
of fames and experiences in the public eye.  The love for Hip Hop is
also explored as it relates to other industries as well and what a major
influence it has. In fact, for all you curious spectators interested
in learning how to do the dougie, lol, Gabe's blog includes
a great video of an NBA superstar expressing himself.  

Shelly's Weekly Spills,the blog of another dear classmate, 
Michelle McKenzie, explores many random subject topic areas.  More 
specifically, similar to my love and passion for various areas of 
the performing arts, Michelle's blog discusses plays, musicians, etc.  
One particular entry that many Trey Songz fans will find enticing 
highlights a college professor who gives a great impersonation of Trey 
Songz singing a number one
hit song.  Talk about funnyyyyy!!!! 

Last but not least, for all
you Gator Fans interested in keeping up with the latest news on
Gator sports and other athletic events, be sure to check out the
blog of Milani Beaudrault.  Milani's blogs contains great videos
and up-to-date highlights on Gator baseball, gymnastics and more.
Stay tuned folks for more great blogs!!!

A wise businesswoman, entrepreneur, successful entertainer, humanitarian of great deeds, philanthropist and a leading activist in our society once remarked “Each and every day, I build myself to not shrink to less, but to blossom into more; to be more splendid, to be more extraordinary.” As a young, Black woman striving to pursue a successful career and a happy and stable personal and family life, I use this quote as the basis of my life’s foundation to always work hard each and every day. I use this quote as a constant reminder that my ambitions, philanthropic goals, professional interests, etc are to inspiring to settle for mediocrity and as a result, I motivate myself to be the best individual I can be. Greetings! My name is Britney Martinez and I am a current fourth-year student pursuing my Bachelor’s of Science in Telecommunications-News and an outside concentration in Theatre Performance hailing from the sunny city of Miami, Florida. On campus, I am involved in many different student organizations serving the UF campus and greater Gainesville community in different roles such as the Vice-President of External Affairs for the Black Student Union, a Preview Orientation Staffer through New Student Programs, the chair of Arts and Letters for my sorority, etc.  If you would like to gain a deeper look into the bubbly Britney’s involvement, awards, work experience, etc feel free to visit my resume!!  My hobbies include reading, acting, writing poetry and video editing.  In fact, one of my favorite poets is Nikki Giovanni, a wonderful poet whose work I actually dedicated an earlier blog to.   Upon graduating from the University of Florida, I will serve as a Teach for America corp member in New Orleans, Louisiana helping to bridge the achieve gap between minority students living in low-income communities and their White counterparts. Following my commitment to this global mission to help end education inequity, I plan to pursue my Masters, perhaps in Higher Education. I also plan to start developing my very own production company called Golden Touch Productions and a performing arts company dedicated to providing awareness, experience and exposure of acting, videography, writing poetry, production, dancing, painting and other areas of the arts to students in low-income communities.  Because theatre is my most enjoyable and favorite expression of the performing arts, I want students to discover the art in themselves just like I discovered the art in me through much experience and opportunities.

Greetings Orange and Blue, Gator Fans,

When I first introduced my blog to you all, I introduced my love, passion and dedication to the visual and performing arts.  This week, however, I wanted to introduce you all to the loves, interests and passions of my fellow classmates whose blogs explore a variety of subject areas.  First and foremost, as a college student it can be quite frustrating and expensive to maintain a consistent and healthy diet.  College students are very acquainted with late night eating habits such as ordering large pepperoni pizzas with 2 bottle of pepsi, chocolate bars and dougnuts whenever there is the urgency of cramming for a test.  As a college student myself, at times I just want to SCREAMMMMM!!  But, my fellow classmate Lee has shared some quick, inexpensive and tasty food options with viewers, especially living on a hectic and unpredictable schedule.  Lee’s Foods brings everyone tips, advice and alternatives to make simple and healthy foods in college. Lee highlights vivid pictures and helpful descriptions of cheap breakfast options such as strawberries and champagne, items that can be purchased from Publix.  Can you say Yum Yum?

Moreover, the blog of Lynne Guey explores the wonderful of technolgy and its relationship to the human species.   In this blog, Lynne hails the digital revolution!  Living in such a highly industrialized and fast-paced American economy, technology establishes such a foundation that keeps our society functioning on a daily basis.  Her blog takes a look into the uses of many different social networking sites, learning many capacities of the web and it promotes her dedication to enter the world of news correspondents.  So for all you aspiring news reporter, this may be your lucky blog!!  For a inside scoop on a very lively and spirited blog, I decided to promote that of Ashley ArnoldAshley’s blog highlights many areas of entertainment such as a meet and greet with famous poet Nikki Giovanni, who happens to be one of my favorites, and a J-Cole concert sponsored by Black Student Union during the Black History Month celebration.  Once again, I am so excited to share the amazing and creative works of my fellow classmates with you all 🙂

Hello everyone!!!  This week is a bit different.  I have decided to invite you all to another side of the Britney you have grown to know through my blog posts.  I have my professional resume  in the making that lists many of the credentials, qualifications and experiences I have gained throughout my collegiate experience.  Enjoy everyone!!!!

A Night in Harlem

Greeting everyone and HAPPY EARLY SPRING BREAK!!

Hope all is well with everyone both personally and professionally.  Before we enter into our week of spring break, which probably means amazing, luxuries vacations and much-needed sleep for many of us, I wanted to share with you an event  I attended this past week in honor of the University of Florida’s Black History Celebration Month.  This past Friday, I attended an event regarded as A Night in Harlem.  Everything from the actual hosts of the event to the performers to the vivid and imaginative decor were reflective of te genuine beauty, power and essence of the Harlem Renaissance.  The event was consisted of many transitions throughout a time in history where African-Americans used their collective talents, skills and creativity in drama, dance, painting, sculpting, writing poems and additional things of that nature to be evident of the rich and diverse nature of the Black culture.  In fact, the Harlem Renaissance also operated on a strong and richly rooted foundation of the Jazz language because each tune, each rhythm and each soulful and sultry beat spoken of the unique Black experience and illustrated the elegance of the strong people.  As an avid and loyal supporter and admirer of the Harlem Renaissance, the students of the UF campus really united to put on an array of such fantastic artistic performances.  For example, consisted of a group of four young women who all assumed the characters of female figures living during the Harlem Renaissance and spoke of their struggle and perseverance to the beat of soulful hymns.  Another act was that of the University Gospel Choir as these talented individuals presented two melodies that showed both a love and passion for strong faith and an artistic movement.  Overall, the evening came to life through the live painting sessions of actual Harlem Renaissance scenes, the lyrics of songs and the powerful lines presented from a scene of a popular African American play called Fences.

Greetings Everyone hope all is well.  This week as we continue our journey down this path of exploring the possibilities of both the visual and performing arts, I want to share a personal experience I engaged in with my sorority sisters over the past weekend.  Every other week, my sorority sisters and I have a closed sisterhood social called “The Talents of my Sisters.”  The objection of these socials are to highlight one member of our organization and alllow her to share a special skill or talent she possess with everyone else such as knitting and sewing, creating pottery pieces, dancing, painting, kickboxing, makeup and additional things of that nature.  This past week was my opportuninity to share a talent of mine that I have always and will always be passionate about.  Furthermore, I decided to share the art of storytelling through creatives stanzas of poetry and spoken word with my sorority sisters.  I started the activity with an introducti0n of the significance of poetry to my lie and how it has served as a positive foundation for me to influence and inspire others and self reflect.  I instructed all my sisters to pull a slip from a brown paper bag that contained one word themes and phrases such as love, confidence, art, elegance, success, etc.  From that I provided each member with a fill in the blank poem in which they had to write in their own thoughts and feelings that also expressed the theme they selected.  Once this activity was completed, a played soft jazz music in the background and provided an opportunity for each member to read her poetic story.


I decided to showcase this poem with you all because as a strong, independent African American young woman who has been through many trials and tribulations, this poem has served as a foundation for my life.  The above video presented  is a combination of powerful, vivid and symbolic images and strong, sophisticated and confident reading from a female figure has assumed the role of the Queen of the Nile.  I was first introduced to this poem back in high school when I used it as my spoken word talent for a high school pageant I served as a contestant in.  I wanted to perform  a piece that was so dramatic and divine that everyone’s imagination would be cultivated, everyone’s intellect would be challenged and everyone’s creativity further explored and developed.  During the actual pageant, I approached the audience and judges in an African, cultural oriented attire and took on all the feelings, emotions and gestures conveyed by the poet and executed it with passion and conviction.  This evening, I wanted to present the power this video has to offer because it is such an important piece of my identity that further demonstrates my love and dedication to the performing arts.  The video is very appealing because the images are uplifting, bright and vivid indicating the strength and pride the poet both embodied when she created this poem and the message delivered through the words.  The music that accompanies the reading of this poem creates an atmosphere of lively and enthusiastic spirits and a sense of cultural identification.  The music does indeed add to the relevance and power of the actual poem, from my perspective, because it served as one of many elements that united to propel a deeper understanding of artistic appreciation.

The Art of Me: Theatre

Greetings to everyone, I hope all is well!!

This week I have decided to invite you all into a more significant and personal aspect of my life.  As I mentioned when I initally began this artistic journey and introduction of my blog, I informed everyone that my passion is both the visual and performing components of the performing arts.  During the first week of my blog introduction, I discussed and highlighted the beauty and artistic innovation of two University of Florida students showcasing their work at in an on-campus museum.  Although I enjoyed presenting the amazing artwork, both pastel paintings and unique sculptures to you all, I wanted this post to be a little more closer to home.  As a student pursuing an outside concentration in theatre performance, I selected a video that highlights my favorite dramatic piece titled “Ego Trippin” by renowed poet, educator and activist, Nikki Giovanni.

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